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# Frequently Asked Questions
## Which build do I choose?
This is a question only **you** can answer.
## Which build entry do I choose?
Most builds will be available as one of the following:
* Cumulative Update (AKA „***Update** to [...]*”)
* Feature Update (AKA „***Upgrade** to [...]*” or no special name at all)
If you want to create an updated image or you're not sure, choose the **Feature Update**.
So: _Cumulative Updates generally aren't very useful, avoid them._
## How do I choose Enterprise/Education or other editions?
Select their **base edition** first.
| Virtual Edition | Base Edition |
|---------------------- |-------------- |
| Enterprise | Pro |
| Education | Pro |
| Pro Education | Pro |
| Pro for Workstations | Pro |
| IoT Enterprise | Pro |
| Home Single Language | Home |
You can select the **virtual editions** after you choose to **add additional editions** (third **Download method**).
## "There are no languages available for this build."?
This means the chosen entry is **not** a complete build of Windows.
It's probably one of the following:
* standalone update.
* Server build without metadata
Those entries **cannot** be made into Windows images. Their files can sometimes be useful though.
If you see this on a regular build of Windows or Windows Server, that means it's metadata ESD is unavailable.
## Debloat?
No. Don't.
## There's a build with a `(2)` in its name. What does this mean?
Most often that the build was pushed to more than one channel.
Alternatively this could be a build of a different release type that was mistaken for a duplicate.